Saturday, 29 September 2012

What's in the name?

Making your work of art is half the battle, the other, is tackling the world of marketing, packaging and tissue paper! Not only have I got cards and frames coming out of my ears, but envelopes of every conceivable size, cellophane pockets, jiffy envelopes, presentation boxes, labels... the list goes on - just to make the product that little bit more presentable and the sad thing is...I love it all.

What's in the name? Ten years after the World Wide Web was opened to the public, I registered my first domain name "wepo" in 2001, for no other reason than because it was the thing to do. Amazing how technology has advanced in just over 20 years and it is now almost unrecognisable. I had my very first PC probably around 1995/6, it was second hand, and still had Windows NT operating system installed on it and came with a bulkiest monitor ever. However, with the launch of Windows 95, there was no turning back - a new kid was on the block.

It was in December 1997 that I got myself a 56k modem and I was online! Current and future generations may never encounter that iconic sound of the dial-up modem or waiting for ages for that green light to come on...and they'll be thankful for it. However, it was during this time that I met my husband on the internet. We had both signed onto AOL at the end of 1997. His username was "webroter" - it should have been "wee brother" but his typing wasn't very accurate. Mine was "Po Yee". Hence the name "wepo". AOL had these New Members Lobbies, similar to today's chat rooms, which allowed members to hold conversations or ask questions about the internet in real time. One day we both ended up in the same lobby and my husband sent me an instant message: "Hi there"...the rest, as they say, is history.