Friday, 29 May 2015

Web building

I love being a full time mum and wouldn't swap it for the world.  However, to keep the old brain ticking, I started building a few websites as a hobby.  I have been using the SiteMaker software, which I find extremely easy to use and doesn't require programming skills.  It uses a point-and-click interface which makes building and editing so much easier.  It also has the ability to quickly preview your web page during editing.  The tech-savvy designer might find it a bit limited but on the whole, for the novice web builder, it still offers some powerful tools and features to make a professional looking website.  

I am also looking to use either Wix or, apparently two of the best website builders out there. They both look easy to use; however I will need to try them out.  

Building a professional looking website nowadays isn't difficult, but the maintenance of it can be time consuming. The websites that appeal to me most, are the ones that look clean and fresh, easy to navigate and up-to-date. There is nothing more off-putting than visiting a site and the latest information on it is a couple of years old.