Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It's Christmas!

Wow, it’s Christmas again!  It has been nearly a year since I made an entry to my blog – how time flies.  Card making has taken a back seat as I have been busy with my other hobby – building websites.  I have recently designed a whole new website for a local primary school and anyone who knows anything about building a website...it is never finished!  It’s like the house, it requires on-going maintenance and upkeep and just when you think it is finished…the wife (well, usually it is the wife) says she wants a change and you find yourself redecorating, again! 

Including my own, I now have 6 websites that I have built and am maintaining. I do not have any qualifications or work experience pertaining to web designing.  It all started purely out of interest and I am really just learning as I go along.  

With Christmas just round the corner, it was time to make some cards and to make them quickly, hence this rather simple design.  I could have gone to Tesco and bought a box of 24 cards for just 99p or even better: send an e-card and save money!  However I still believe in the value of sending cards and I still enjoy making them.  Surely, it is never a disappointment to receive a card through the post.  On the contrary, it brings a smile - every time!